Great Lakes National Puppet Theater

A History of Puppetry

A workshop to explore the art and history of puppetry, using examples of many different puppet types. Students will have the opportunity to see, as well as handle puppets ranging from simple "ball-and-scarf" puppets, to English hand puppets, marionettes, Indonesian shadow puppets, rod puppets, masks, body puppets and Japanese "bunraku" style puppets. This workshop is a great way to introduce students to the art of puppetry. Perfect for arts-in-education programming.

Recommended for family audiences; ages 5 - adult

Puppet Building Basics

Puppets speak to adults too, as is evidenced in various other cultures, particularly Eastern cultures. This workshop is designed to teach puppet-building techniques to adults. Each student will design and construct his or her own puppet creation, as well as learn manipulation techniques and puppet history.

For adult participants

Let's Build Puppets

A workshop designed to give school-age students the opportunity to design and construct their own puppets and learn manipulation techniques, as well as the history of puppetry. Can be conducted as a one-day​ workshop or, as an extended residency where students actually participate in the staging and performance of a full puppet production. Many different puppet types are available.

Recommended for school-age participants; ages 5 - 13

Great Lakes National Puppet Theater offers various workshops, master classes and residencies that can be adapted to meet the needs and desires of almost any presenter. Workshops may range from presentations on the history and art of puppetry, to the various types of puppets found throughout the cultures of the world, to "hands-on" puppet or mask construction. Teacher workshops are also available, detailing how to best conduct puppetry workshops within both time and skill level constraints. More ambitious participants can learn the most efficient and successful ways to direct a student puppet production, from scripting , design and construction, through rehearsal and performance. Programming may also be built into extended residencies, from two days to three weeks, featuring a combination of workshops, demonstrations and performances by Great Lakes National Puppet Theater.

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Workshops & Residencies