Great Lakes National Puppet Theater's puppeteers are available immediately following each performance for a brief demonstration and "Question and Answer" session with the audience. Workshops and extended residencies are also available.

Demonstrations and "Q & A"

Advance Materials & Fee Structure

About Great Lakes National Puppet Theater

Founded in 2010, as another branch of Vincent Magic Productions, Great Lakes National Puppet Theater is an ensemble of talented visual and performing artists with a single vision of the creation, preservation and performance of quality theater using puppets as the master portrayers of that vision.

In early 2010, award-winning Das Puppenspiel Puppet Theater, plagued by debt, was forced to close by it's board of directors. In an effort to keep the spirit and vision of the company alive, former Das Puppenspiel puppeteer and Technical Director, Vincent J. Polowy , along with his partner, Jennifer E. Walker made arrangements to purchase three of the shows that they considered best represented Das Puppenspiel's work. The couple has spent over five years performing the painstaking task of cleaning, repairing and restoring each of the puppets that are now well over twenty-five years old.  Included in the process is the rebuilding of sets, props and special effects, as well as rewriting and updating music, sound effects and lighting cues. The restored work, along side their own, original work, will soon be added to the repertoire  for performance.

Using the philosophy of treating children and an intelligent and discerning audience, as well as meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of production, Great Lakes National Puppet Theater is now touring throughout the United States, providing programming of charm and substance that encourages the audience to think, to feel and to grow as a result of experiencing quality "Theater with Puppets". 

Full Press Kits, including tech rider, photos, suggested releases and other materials are forwarded well in advance to ensure successful promotion of your event. We can even e-mail JPEG files directly to your media source.

Many presenters will be pleasantly surprised by our fee structure. Great Lakes National Puppet Theater also offers special discounts for multiple bookings and extended residencies, and our fee is always inclusive of all travel and incidentals.


Great Lakes National Puppet Theater